The Tyrolean town of Kitzbühel is famous in the skiing world for hosting one of the most important, if not the most important,downhill of the entire circuit.


The Hahnenkamm trophy, which takes its name from the hill on which stands the Streif, the track on which the race is held, has been awarded annually since 1931 and has been firmly inserted in the men’s World Cup circuit since 1967. From 1932 to 1961 were also run here the ladies’ dowhills.


In addition to the downhill, on the track Ganslern, Kitz hosts the slalom, with whom it composes the classic combined of the Hahnenkamm. Since the nineties is also hosts in the supergiant, on a shorter track, called Streifalm.

With a vertical drop of 880 meters, the 3312 km lenght and a maximum incline of 85%, the downhill of the Streif is considered the most beautiful and the most challenging of the whole circus. A win here will result in immediate enrollment in the firmament of the greatest downhillers in history.


This track has a number of key steps including Mausfalle, mousetrap, a long jump shortly after the start, the Steilhang, a double curve in counter, the Bruckenschuss, a small road of only scrolling, the Hausbergkante, a long diagonal on a steep part of the slope, just before the final straight.

Until 2009 the Zielschuss, the final stretch, consisted in a beautiful jump, but for security reasons, after Daniel Albrecht’s accident  in 2009, has been significantly reduced. Famous in Ghedina’s stunt made on this jump.


Another nice feature of this race is that each cabin of the cableway, the Hahnenkammbahn, has the name of a winner.


The skier with the most victories on the Streif is Swiss Didier Cuche (1998, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012), with five wins, followed by Franz Klammer (1975, 1976, 1977, 1984) and Karl Schranz (1966, 1969, 1972 x2), with four.


The winner of the last edition is the Italian Dominik Paris.

Even during the summer you can enjoy the Streif. In fact, there is a pleasant and well-organized walk that guide hikers through the key points of the track, marked by metal gates and accompanied by screens showing highlights of the history of the Hahnenkamm  trophy.



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