Today took place the men’s downhill in Kitzbuehel and ladies’ giant slalom in Maribor.


The Streif, difficult and selective as always, had a tracking, deigned by Schmaltz, Judge FIS, even more challenging than usual and an icy, perfect, almost marble, snow.



Wins this classic, dedicating himself among the greatest racers of all time, Dominik Paris, that after fifteen years, when Christian Ghedina won this race, taking Italy back on the top step of the temple of the downhill. The Italian was the author of a perfect race in each section of the track, but the difference was on the last diagonal, that he pulles perfectly, managing to take away so much speed, clocking in detecting 142.3 km / h .


Second, by only thirteen hundreds, was rankes the Canadian Erik Guay, faster than Paris in the first part of the race, but then interprets differently the diagonal at theend, holding an highest line and losing that much speed not to pass in front of the Italian.


Hannes Reichelt is third by thirty hundreds. Even the Austrian is ahead of the Italian in the first part of the race and loses the advantage gained in the diagonal, where he’s not able to set the ideal line.


As for the other Italians, ranks eleventh Werner Heel, not perfect in the first part, but manages to recover well in the final stretch, setting right the final diagonal, key element of this race. Twelfth is Siegmar Klotz, who was also best in the final part of the race. Twentieth is Christof Innerhofer, who startes with bib number nineteen, but after the number forty-five as penalty for he started again after a fall during the training. Twenty-fourth is Matteo Marsaglia and Peter Fill is the protagonist of a spectacular and very dangerous fall: at the entrance of the small road comes off the skis and ended up on a side track guards making him fly and land after a complete back loop. Fortunately, the italian athlete is okay, and after getting up, he goes downs to the side of the track on his legs.



I would recall that yesterday, in the race of super giant, the supreme champion Austrian Benjamin Raich has opened the gate of the World Cup for the four-hundreth time.


Quickly I’d like toretrace the career of this athlete who has written many of the most beautiful pages of the international skiing.

Born in Innsbruck (AUT) but originally from Arzl im Pitztal, always in the Tyrol, 28 February 1978, he won gold in the slalom in 1991 the Children category of the Trofeo Topolino. A few years later he won the Junior World Championship gold in the slalom in Hoch-Ybrig in 1996, gold in the giant slalom in Schladming in 1997 and gold in the giant slalom in Megeve / Chamonix / Saint-Gervais in 1998.

He debuted in the Major League on January 13, 1998 in Adelboden and the beginning of 1999, within two days, won the first podium, January 6 slalom in Kranjska Gora, and the first victory, on January 7, slalom Schladming. From that day won 90 podiums, including 36 victories in the World Cup, two cups of Giant (2005 and 2006), three cups of combined (in 2005, 2006 and 2010), three cups of slalom ( in 2001, 2005 and 2007), the General World Cup in 2006, three World Championship gold medals (in the special and combined Bormio in 2005 and in the team competition in Åre in 2007) and two Olympic gold medals, both in Turin in 2006, in giant and special.

In 2011, during the team competition of the World Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, suffered a serious injury, breaking the cruciate ligaments in his left knee. He was back, however, at the start of last season, showing a truly exceptional recovery: he was able to win three podium: third place in the super g of Crans-Montana on 24 February 2012, a second place in the giant slalom in Adelboden on 7 January 2012 to a handful of hundreds from a wild Marcel Hirscher and first place in the super g of Crans-Montana on 25 February 2012.

His best result this season is fourth in the combined in Wengen, a handful of hundreds from the podium and maybe this champion, with his incredible class, still reserves us some surprises.

Even if the slope is not the most exciting, the giant in Maribor of emotions has given away.


The first round, drawn by the Austrian coach turned more, while the second, drawn by the American coach, was faster and rhythmic.


Wins an amazing, even in giant, Lindsey Vonn, gutsy already in the first run, where she pulls the most of the first two sections of the race and slows down a bit on the final steep, crossing the finish line with the third time. Then in the second she goes for it. She makes a small mistake entering inslight rotation at the beginning of the descent, but, you know, even when she makes mistakes, she ends up increasing. After this snagging goes even more wonderfully and sweeps all the curves to the finish.


Cries bitter tears for the victory in front of her audience faded away for just eight cents Tina Maze. The Slovenian was the author of two beautiful race, albeit with a slight trimming at the beginning of the second, but today were not enough to get on the top step of the podium. The Maze has a consolation, however, with the victory of the giant cup, now mathematically won.



Third is the Austrian Anna Fenninger, who once again confirms her excellent form. Sixth after the first run, was able to interpret well the tracking of the second round, though taking perhaps a bit too much on the final wall.


Gets into the top 10, best of the Italians, after Soelden, Denise Karbon who can make her a tracking 

 that doesn’t suit her characteristics. Fourteenth is Nadia Fanchini, twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth Elena and Irene Curtoni. Do not qualify for the second run Agerer Lisa and Francesca Marsaglia, and do not finish the first run Manuela Moelgg and Michela Azzola.

Tomorrow we expect other emotions from the white circus with the two slalom, the ladies’ always in Maribor and the men’s, also valid for the combined, always in Kitzbuehel.



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