With all the young emerging in the World Cup, I wondered how these talents flourish and form. So I thought it might be interesting to ask some questions to two young athletes, to understand how those who later become the greatest skiers in the White Circus begin their journey, what are their hopes and their dreams.

The two girls are Marta Bassino, born February 27th, 1996, and Lara Della Mea, born January 10th, 1999.


Marta Bassino from Borgo San Dalmazzo, athlete of the Val Vermenagna Ski Club and student of the Limone Ski College, won the giant in the children category of the Trofeo Topolino in 2009, international springboard for most of the athletes of the White Circus. She graduated in 2012 junior national champion in Bardonecchia in downhill, giant and super g and with the start of the new season she won two FIS races, the first in Davos (SUI) November 20th 2012 and the second the Abetone December 12th, 2012. She made hes debut in the European Cup February 14th, 2012 and now his best result is a thirty-first place in Kvitfjell (NOR) in super g.


Lara Della Mea from Tarvisio, skier for Monte Lussari Ski Club and student at the School of Arnldstein, Austria, has won three times the Trofeo Topolino, in 2011, the giant in the children category and in 2012 both the giant and the slalom, in the same category . In 2011 she also won the Italian Championship in the children category, gold in giant slalom, super g and combined, while in 2012 the gold in special, super g and combined, and silver in giant slalom.


They both started skiing when they were very young, Marta two years old and Lara three, thanks to their dads who are also their coaches, who have made them approach this sport and transmitted their passion to them. 

While Lara has never practiced other sports seriously, but only as a hobby, Marta has practiced gymnastics until the seventh grade, but then the combination gym-skiing, plus the studiing has become too demanding, forcing her to make a choice, relapse, of course, on the ski.


But what of the sport is the most fascinating thing for them? Marta likes very much, beside the racing itself, the environment that revolves around the ski world, which, as she calls her, is calm and quiet. Lara instead emphasizes the unique sensations she feels while skiing, especially the feeling of freedom.


Regarding international competitions, both stress the importance of comparison with new opponents, in the case of Marta with older girls in the European Cup, the perfect terrain to gain experience. Lara then, emphasizes the stimulus that comes from these new challenges, and in particular the satisfaction in winning these international competitions.

Marta, talking about the World Championships in children / juniors, defines this experience as unique, as a good point of arrival (and I would add of beginning) and as a great satisfaction.

Both Marta Lara indicate that their idol is the great competitive American giant slalomist Ted Ligety, for its incredible folds and the extra something that right now he is showing to have more than his opponents. Lara also adds as an idol in the speed disciplines Lindsey Vonn for her elegance in downhill.

What are the goals of these two young talents?

Marta wants to improve in slalom and aims to get as high as possible.


Lara, for now, wants to win the same races she won last year and to add the giant gold in the Italians Champioship. Her dream is to join the National Team and maybe win a medal at the Olympics and said that she will give it all to make it happen.


I, for now, thank these two nice girls, who kindly answered my questions and I wish them a great “good luck” with their hopes and I wish them that their dreams will soon become a reality.



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