On January 4th and 6th, in Zagreb, there have been the ladies and men slalom, where the Queen and King of the slalom were crowned.


Zagreb has been inserted in the circuit of the World Cup to honor of Janica Kostelic.

Often, however, due to non-high altitude of the mountain where the races are held, the snow turns out to be spring-snow and must be washed with water and treated with salt.

While in the women’s race, the snow has held up better, thanks to the fact that the race was held in the afternoon, when temperatures were already lower, allowing qualifications with high numbers; in the men’s race, that took place between the late morning and early afternoon and being one day elapsed between the two competitions with temperatures above zero, the track was very damaged.

In the women’s slalom, the first round has been traced by the American coach with an arrhythmic and very challenging design , while the second was drawn by the Slovenian coach, who designed a very exhausting tracking, that continued to turn up to ‘ last gate, draining athletes of all energies.


It was crowned queen of slalom Mikaela Shiffrin, who dominated both races due to a precise skiing, clean and very light, without affecting too much, ending with a second and nineteen hundreds ahead of the second. Thanks to this great performance returns to be first in the slalom standings and regains then the red bib.

It’s the first American to win two races of the World Cup before the age of eighteen and the youngest to be crowned queen of slalom.


Second arrived Frida Hansdotter, due to a marked increase this season with excellent results in both slalom and the giant slalom, taking the second podium this year, after the second place obtained in the Åre slalom, always behind the young American.


Gets the third the Canadian Erin Mielzynski, who shows a skiing very responsive and good speedin direction changing, which enable her to climb on the podium for the second time in her career. Last year, in Ofterschwang slalom she won a great race ahead of Resi Stiegler and Marlies Schild.


Scored the fourth time, the best result of her career, Norwegian Nina Løseth, starting with the number forty-two, thanks to a solid and well center skiing recovers ten positions and marks the second time in the second run, just seven hundreds from Shiffrin’s.



Straddled instead, right on the first intermediate of the second heat, Tina Maze, leader of the general classification, second to thirty-five cents at the end of the first.

To forget the performance of the Italian, whose best and only to finish the race was Irene Curtoni, nineteenth, because of a bad error that occurred in the first part of the second round. Came out during the first run Manuela Moelgg, Chiara Costazza and Michela Azzola , but did not qualify for the second run Elena Curtoni.

The first run of the men’s slalom has been traced by the Italian coach, while the second, with a design much faster, the Austrian.


It was crowned king of slalom Marcel Hirscher, who takes this well-deserved crown, winning the ninth podium in nine technique races and thus demonstrating a impressive consistent. Second after a not perfect  first run, in which his ferret skiing has not made the difference as usual, was the author of an exciting second run that allowed him to impose himself with fifty-seven hundreds on the second.

With this result the Austrian manages to climb to the top of the league cup with fifty points on the general Norwegian Aksel Lund Svindal.


Second ranked Andre Myhrer, that thanks to a great second run was able to recover a first in which an error in part compromise the result of it.


Back on the podium, third, Mario Matt, that already in the first run, despite starting with the number ten and that the track was already ruined, had managed to get close to the firsts, in the second, with determination and skiing fast and accurate has been able to sign the third time.


Fourth, at the foot of the podium, placed Stefano Gross, with very strong and continuous action, in the second a small stumble prevented him from the podium.


Manfred Moelgg ranked seventh, because of some little trimming, especially in the first run, Cristan Deville fifteenth, due to a crash in the first run and uncertainty at the start and an error before the second run.

Giuliano Razzoli, great in the first part, was forced to stop in the first run for a severe back pain. Did not complete the first round Riccardo Tonetti, and did not qualify for the second Giordano Ronci on his debut in the World Cup.

Giordano Ronci, born in 1992, came third at the national championships in Pozza di Fassa December 30th, 2012. He debuted on March 2, 2010 European Cup in Sarntal-Reinswald eighty-ninth in downhill and his best result to date is the tenth, obtained in slalom January 3rd, 2013 in Chamonix.


The next races will be downhill and super-g in St. Anton for the girls and the giant slalom in Adelboden for the guys.



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