Yesterday, December 9th, there were the two giants, the men’s in Val d’Isere and ladies’ in St. Moritz.



After the first run of the Val d’Isère’s one, were competing for the first position the young ferrets of snow, Marcel Hirscher and Alexis Pinturault, separated by only five hundredths, ahead of all the others for more than a second and thirty cents. This huge gap was due to the type of tracking, particular, very narrow mesh, used to be able to draw a giant with a regular number of poles in the track with the departure lowered. This type of tracking has enhanced the characteristics of these two samples, young athletes, the extremely reactive physique, able to correct errors that would create a lot of problems to other athletes, in a small space.

The French does a second run in the name of aggression, beautiful, until the third last door where, in practice, exit and reenter. This coasts him all his advantage and he ends twenty-eighth.

At this point the Austrian goes down quietly, running well all the advantage gained, and went on to win his first race of the season.


Second by a second and sixteen, an incredible Stefan Luiz, German born in 1992, who does a great race, and in particular a great second run, of course, on a very different track from the one upon which, then, the best skied, but it is a run to frame. This guy was silver at the Junior World Championships in 2010 in Les Houches and debuted in the World Cup in Adelboden January 8, 2011, but did not qualify for the second round. Already in Beaver Creek, CO, this year, had a great race, finishing thirteenth.


On the lowest step of the podium, by a second and forty-two, there is Ted Ligety, caged by doors too close, because of which fails to make the necessary speed to deform the ski in such a way as to make its features hard carving. Nevertheless, still managed to win the third place, a sign that, even in a path not suitable for him, he is still able to contain the damage and have a good race.


Fourth is Felix Neureuter that, started with thirty-six, is particularly well among the narrow and angled poles of this giant, thanks to his skills as a superfine slalomist.

Good is the fifth of Max Blardone, who can manage quite well this race, ill-suited to his characteristics, but the real Italian victory is Roberto Nani tenth place. He starts with the fifty-six and with a good first run and a beautiful second, where it marks the second fastest time, after Luitz, gains many positions and reassemble him into the top 10.


Thirteenth is  Manfred Moelgg, that doesn’t fit well in this so reactive tracking, while Florian Eisath is twentieth, with is a good second run, although lacking in the speed of change required.

After a good start, Davide Simoncelli cuts the diagonal, which leads him to make a bad mistake that compromises his qualification for the second run.

Doesn’t qualify for the second run also Cristan Deville, who started with bib number 61.



In the women field continued the tug of war for the general World Cup and Maze and Vonn take turns to victory.

This time dominates the Slovenian, as in all the giants so far, with two rounds to be framed, clean, perfect, aggressive, without the slightest deviation.

The American, instead, after a good first round completed with the fifth time, tries too hard in the second to be on the podium and this heat makes her fall into a mistake and slips away, and then return and take home only four points.


Second, only by eight hundreds, is the holder of the specialty cup Viktoria Rebensburg, the author of two good rounds, and especially, in both, very fast in the final stretch, where she can take a lot of speed. This shows that her commitment in super g has paid off, helping her to get a good feeling for the speed.


Third, at fifty hundreds, is the French Tessa Worley, who makes a good first run, while in the second, even skiing well, incurs several smudges.


Again at the foot of the podium in this discipline, we find the home athlete Lara Gut, who this season seems to have regained the right confidence in herself and in her means and she is returning to the top.

Fifth is the Queen of slalom, Marlies Schild, whose many summer training in giant, have paid off. It shows in fact an aggressive, clean and efficient skiing, which will soon make her dangerous even in this discipline.


Seventh, tied with Michaela Kirchgasser, is Irene Curtoni, best of Italian, while Federica Brignone, sixth after the first run out shortly after the first intermediate. The difficulty for Federica now, after the third stop in a row, is to continue to believe in her ability, undeterred. Thirteenth is instead at the end of the race Denise Karbon. The South Tyrolean seemed to come eighth after the first run, but the measured time + was referring to her move on the last pole, and not the finish line, because of the wind that moved the arrival photocell. It was approximated by the technicians of FIS a second delay in addition, by comparing Denise’s and Maze’s time at the last pole.


Excellent is Elena Curtoni’s race, who thirtieth after the first run, makes a wonderful second, where she mark the seventh partial time and earn fourteen positions, finishing sixteenth.

Twentieth and twenty-first are Manuela Moelgg and Lisa Agerer, while twenty-sixth is Nadia Fanchini.

Does not qualify for the second round Giulia Gianesini, while out in the first run is Sofia Goggia. This girl was born in Bergamo November 15, 1992, and is taking the first steps in the World Cup. Her debut was in Lienz, Austria, in the giant in December 28th 2011, where, however, was disqualified, and this of St. Moritz was her second race in the World Cup.She won the Italian Junior Championship in 2010 in super g and on 14th February 2012 she earned her first victory in the European Cup in Sella Nevea in super combined. She finished third in the overall standings of the European Cup in 2012  and won the combined standings. It will be interesting to follow this promising young Italian skierr that surely will give us a lot of satisfaction.


The appointment is to next weekend with the downhill and super-g in Val d’Isère and the giant in Courchevel for girls and the downhill and the super-g in Val Gardena and the giant in Alta Badia for the guys. Then on Tuesday, 18 is scheduled for another appointment, the men’s slalom in Madonna di Campiglio.



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