Saturday, December 1st the second downhill in Lake Louise and the super g of Beaver Creek, CO took place.


The weather and snow were similar to the ones in the previous day, except perhaps for visibility in Lake Louise which was slightly better, but still creating some problems.


The Birds of Prey is tinged light-blue again thanks to the wonderful victory of Matteo Marsaglia. Stated with the number twelve, shows us a perfect skiing, brushing the initial curves in a masterly manner and then concludes with an  irresistible, aggressive final length, fast and with direction in the penultimate curve that has caused problems for other athletes, securing his victory.


The only one who could probably passed him, is Christof Innerhofer, which makes us see, once again, how good he is with a wonderful performance, marred only by a big mistake in the end, that make him slip in seventeenth place, just ahead of Siegmar Klotz. But this shows us the great potential of this athlete, that even with the few miles of training that has in the legs, can be extremely dangerous.

Second, once again, by twenty-seven cents from the Italina, is the Norwegian Aksel Lund Svindal, the author of a great race, ruined only by one small mistake in the final.


Ranks third for seventy cents the Austrian Hannes Reichelt, who dispute a good race, recovering well from small rotation of trunk incurred in the initial part of the race. Image

Fourth, as in Lake Louise, is the American Ted Ligety, who turns out to be great in the super g, managing to pull perfect curves in the same soft and supple way, he is able to pull the giant slalom.


Werner Heel finishes fifth, by just four hundreds from Ligety, lost probably due to a little trimming at the beginning of the flat part, thanks to an aggressive race, by which he shows us to be there and tp be able to go really really fast . It can be said with certainty that Italy is really back at the highest levels in the speed.


Ranks twenty-ninth Domink Paris, whereas Peter Fill out and Luca De Aliprandini, initially thirtieth, was disqualified for an irregularity in the length of his skis. Participates in the super g also Max Blardone to get a feeling with the track and marks the forty-second time.

Bad instead was the fall of the Austrian Max Franx, second in the downhill in Lake Louise, who doesn’t remember the position of a pole after a blind curve and runs in to it, then hits his head to the ground when the pole passes under his skis. He suffered a mild concussion and a few scrapes to the face, but already yesterday, Sunday, Dec. 2, he was discharged from the hospital.



Meanwhile in Lake Louise continues to reign unchallenged Lindsey Vonn, perhaps even more than the day before. The American, in fact, making a serious mistake in a long turn that would put anyone else KO, wrong line, enters the rotation, slows down, but then goes on to win the same, and not to a few thousandths, but for fifty cents.

This is not the first time that the Vonn makes us see these incredible make ups after big mistakes and this only confirms his incredible superiority in the speed disciplines.


Second, again, Stacey Cook, in great shape, that repeats the excellent performance of the previous day: a good start, loses something in the central section, but then recoveres well in the final stretch.


Third, for sixty cents, is the Swiss Marianne Kaufmann-Abderhalden that skis masterfully in the first three quarters of the race, only to lose a little something in the end. But overall very good race that allows her to win her second podium after the one obtained on March 6th 2010 in the downhill in Crans Montana.


If it were not for a bad mistake that a ruins a race otherwise exceptional, there would definitely be on the podium also Dada Merighetti. She made a great first part, then incurred in a mistake at the exit of the same turn where Lindsey Vonn makes her mistake, but still manages to make her skis go fast and limits the damage by winning the fifth position. This shows, however, that Daniela is there with the right determination and does not lack anything to get on the podium.


Seventeenth and nineteenth are respectively classified Verena Stuffer and Elena Fanchini; unable to gain points instead Francesca Marsaglia, thirty-sixth, Camilla Borsotti, thirty-eighth, Enrica Cipriani, forty-third and Elena Curtoni, forty-sixth.

Twentieth and tenth Tina Maze in these two runs, and after the big gap that she gave tho the othersl, and particularly to American, in the first race, begins to see Vonn closer and closer in the rankings of the World Cup.


To the comment of these two races, to say the least exciting, will soon be followed the comment to Sunday races, the women’s super-g and the men giant slalom.



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