Yesterday, Sunday November 25th, took place  in Aspen, CO the ladies slalom and the Canadian super g in Lake Louise.


The weather and snow conditions remained unchanged from the previous day, except perhaps for the visibility in Lake Louise, which was more consistent.

The women’s slalom was really thrilling and kept us on the edge until the end.

At the end of the first run the top5 was led by Kathrin Zettel, followed by twenty-five cents byTina Maze, thirty by Marlies Schild,  eighty by Marie Pietilae-Holmner and eighty by Maria Riesch.

With the reversal of first thirty athletes, the first one to go was the German, who, with a clean and growing run, surpasses compatriot Lena Duerr, that went down just before her, by ninety-four cents.


The goodness of her race was immediately confirmed by the fact that the Swedish, skiing flawlessly, can not keep the small advantage and slips behind her by twenty-two cents.


Marlies Schild follows. A spectacular race, where she proves to be back as good as she was last season: quick, fast in the changes, shoulders recesse and perfect style.  Only a small mistake at the beginning of the final plan ruins a bit a race otherwise perfect. In fact she arrives with a second and twenty-six hundredths from Riesch.


The Slovenian, even if she does a commendable race, pays a second and fourteen cents from the Austrian.


The games seem to be closed, because despite starting with thirty cents ahead, Zettel, the last to start, at the intermediate only had five. Then instead Zettel gives us a second part of the race breathtaking, powerful, wonderful and finishes with sixty-seven cents ahead the compatriot


With this incredible performance, Zettel reaffirms to be back fully after all the physical problems she had in the past years and to be in great shape. The Maze reiterates her goals for the cup and her versatility that allows her to be at the top in each discipline. Schild sends a strong signal, after the release of Levi, where she gave the impression of being a little back with the preparation, and reminds us what she is capable of.


The only Italian to finish the race is Manuela Moelgg that, after an opaque first run, shows us a beautiful second round where she concludes eighteenth.

All other Italian athletes, Irene Curtoni, Chiara Costazza, Federica Brignone and Sabrina Fanchini, went out in the first round.


In Lake Louise instead continues the dominance of the Norwegian Aksel Lund Svindal, who give us a marvelous race, without any trimming, with soft and precise turns, brushstroked masterfully, emphasizing the immense class of this athlete.


The Norwegian in this begging of the season proves to be really fit and, continuing this way, he can easily point to the conquest of the cup general, as well as both ones in the speed disciplines.


Second the French Adrien Theaux, author of a great test, especially in the central and in the final section, who comes with eighty-five cents from Norwegian.


Scored the third time the Austrian Joachim Puchner, thanks to a great start and a beautiful final, managing to conclude ninety cents from Svindal.


For a single cent from the podium is a sensational Ted Ligety who plays well this super g, not too far away from a fast big giant slalom, brushing with his characteristic suppleness the turns.


Also good race for Werner Heel, that ends with an excellent fifth place, trailing by one second and ten from Svindal partly due, in my opinion, to some imperfections in the central section.


Very good run also for Matteo Marsaglia concluding ninth. Peter Fill marks the twelfth time, while Christof Innerhofer the twenty-fourth.

Unable to gain points Dominik Paris and Siegmar Klotz, respectively thirty-sixth and fifty-second.

We look forward to the next weekend that is going to be full of events and we will definitely live a lot of great emotions.

There are going to be two downhill and a super g in Lake Louise for the girls and a downhill, a super g and a giant slalom in Beaver Creek, CO for the guys.



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