Saturday, November 10, on the Black slope in Levi took place the first women’s slalom of the season, followed the next day by the men’s one.


The weather once again was not mild, but the visibility was still better than in Soelden.

The course in the the first run was very smooth and rounded, with 68 poles, the maximum number allowed by the FIS rules, while the route of the second was more streamlined.


Victory goes to a wonderful Maria Riesch, the second after a great first round, but with a little mistake at the end of the steep that prevented her to sign the first time, she retrieves with a wonderful second run that guarantees her the first place.


Ahead after the first aggressive and clean run was Tanja Poutiainen. But once again she failed to win in front of her home crowd and had to settle for a bitter tasted second place .


Mikaela Shiffrin, the american little girl, was third. She confirms herself as the great promise of the stars and stripes she team, after the last season podium in Lienz. The seventeen-years old gives us two beautiful race, marked by recklessness and aggression, according to her fresh personality and her young age.


Scored the fourth time the Slovenian Tina Maze, winner of Soelden, thus confirming her aims for the general world cup. Cautious in the first round where she concluded seventh, gains three positions with a good second run.


Bad day instead for the Wunderteam. Exiting the gate with bib 1, Marlies Schild appeared less brilliant than usual, without the quick change of directions that characterize her. Then at the end of the steep part, she makes a mistake and goes out.


Kathrin Zettel shares the same fate. A pole hits on the mask, moving it, and preventing her from seeing and from continuing to ski safely.

After a first opaque run, where she end twenty-fifth, Michaela Kirchgasser fails to complete the second round.


It was a bad day for the italians too. The best is Chiara Costazza who marks the sixteenth time, while Irene Curtoni ends nineteenth.

Absent was Lindsey Vonn, who prefered to train for races in Aspen, CO. Now that the american is in hospital, because she seems to have fever and severe abdominal pain, the suspicion is that she missed Levi because she already did not feel in shape in recent days.


Excellent performance by Sarka Zahrobska who concludes sixteenth. This sends a positive signal after the brain surgery for a benign tumor she underwent this summer.


A great race worth to be talked about was young Swiss Wendy Holdener’s one. She did very well and concludes with the eleventh time.


The next meetings with the girls are in Aspen, CO on 24 and 25 November for the slalom and the giant slalom races, which, I’m sure, will give us, as always, us a lot of emotions.



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