Sunday October 28th the men’s race with the giant glacier in Soelden took place on the same track the day before hosted the women’s race.

Also for the guys was the first competition in which the new materials imposed by the FIS were used, only within the male changes were greater: it has gone from skis with a turn radius of 27 meters to skis with a radius of curve 35 meters, very difficult to manage, especially in plan and on soft snow.


And these were the conditions of snow after night snowfall between 27 and 28 October that went to soften even the ice below.

The snowfall continued even during the race causing bad visibility, especially during the first numbers of the first round penalizing them a lot.


To say that the race was dominated by Ted Ligety is a pale understatement. After the first round was second only 4 cents from French Thomas Fanara, but the two fell in totally different conditions of visibility. While on the way down the snow fell thick American preventing almost see the gates, during the descent of the French weather had granted a reprieve.

It ‘was, however, with the second run that Ligety earned back the crown of king of the giant taken form him last year by Marcel Hirscher, winning by 2 seconds and 75 hundredths ahead of the Italian Manfred Moellg.

Ligety, who had complained so much of the new material, was that faster and better able to get used to them, keeping a skiing quite similar to that of last year, albeit with less acrobatics.


Second, after a wonderful race, was Manni Moelgg. After a commendable first round in which he signed the third time, he replied with a great second run almost perfect. Manfred has adapted remarkably well to the new materials, which require a precise and clean skiing, one of which he is one of the best performers.


Third came Marcel Hirscher, holder of the World Cup overall and in the Giant Slalom. After a good first race, but not perfect, right on the final plan where, on arrival, he made the gesture of slow motion to emphasize the slowness, made a great second run that allowed him to get on the podium, albeit on the lowest step.


As for the other Italians, first thing that has to be emphasized is the performance of Davide Simoncelli, while out in the second round, has signed the sixteenth time in the first round. After the terrible accident in which he incurred during the summer training, which prevented him from training and become familiar with the new materials, this is quite a good result.


Too bad that Max Blardone went out; after a good start he went a bit backward in a turn to the left and went out.

Great the race of Roberto Nani, who started in the first run with bib number 59, and Florian Eisath, started with 28, after two great performances, aggressive and clean, concluded eighteenth and eleventh.


Great was the race of the Slovak Adam Zampa, born in 1990, which started with 40 and qualified with the twenty-eighth time for the second test, was the author of a wonderful second run that allowed him to win the ninth time.


However, the Swiss Beat Feuz decided not to take part at the gate of the competition, because of persistent knee pain that plagued him throughout the summer.

This, too, like the girls’, was an interesting race, where we could see the athletes confront the new skis, in the conditions less congenial to them. For sure theese are difficult materials, which require more precise skiing and require more run, but in the end, the best always manage to adapt and put on a show, anything you put them under their feet.

Now we just have to wait again to reopen the gate in the slalom in Levi male and female on  November 10th and 11th to get into the World Cup for real. See you soon.



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