Finally, after long months of waiting, the new ski season started with races in Soelden.

Saturday, October 27, on the Rettenbach took place the women’s giant slalom, followed by the men’s race on Sunday the 28th.


This was the first race where the new materials required by the FIS were used, a return to the past, with longer skis and wider turning radius. In reality within the ladies, the changes are smaller than those found in men materials and are felt mostly in soft snow conditions, where skiing becomes more difficult to tame.
The first half of the track had natural snow with injections of water, while the second part had a high percentage of artificial snow, always with injections of water.
The track in both runs was very smooth, even if the radius of the second curve was narrower, then turned a little longer. Visibility has been a major problem throughout the race, so that the second round was delayed by about an hour just because of the low clouds that were on the race track.


The race was dominated by an irrepressible Tina Maze already in the first round, showing that she has acquired the right to immediately automation required by new materials that need a run from start to finish curve. Maze can pull curves wonderfully and taking away the speed necessary to conclude with 74 cents ahead of the second, the French Worley.


In the second round, after the fall of Worley and Rebesburg, on the virtual podium in the first round, had one second and 59 cents from Zettel, who finished in second place, and was able to intelligently manage the lead after a good start, skiing clean and precise, but without overdoing groped.

The desire to win of the Slovenian was huge, because last season has never seen her on the top step of the podium and the last race she won was the slalom at the end of 2010/2011season in Lenzerheide, March 18, 2011.


Second place goes to a newfound Kathrin Zettel that with bib 16, concludes fourth the first round, after a clean and smooth descent. In the second race, after losing a bit at the beginning, gets time on the steepest part, gaining the speed needed to make the most of the final flat stretch.


The third time it has been signed by the Austrian Steffi Koehle, who scored his first podium. In the first run after a superb start, incurs a slight delay line and some bounce too, probably due to too much enthusiasm given by the desire to do well. In the second, also made a great start, continues to ski aggressively, taking all the risks involved. Great was the last change of slope that allowed her to get on the end with a good speed.


First of the Italians was Denise Karbon, seventh, disputing a good first round, albeit with some delay line. In the second race is a bit in trouble, partly because of weather conditions, which worsened during her descent.
Irene Curtoni comes eighth, with a second round aggressive and attack that redeems a first round finish.
Too bad for the release of Federica Brignone during the second race, although she was not skiing at the level of his ability, to correct a rotation towards the end of the wall, she threw herself in too deep and slips away. Nadia Fanchini also comes up during the second round. A pity, because she was arguing a good test, especially on the steepest part, where she brushed curves in a masterly way.


There have been many significant falls in this race is certainly due to the weather conditions and also to  the new materials.
Tessa Worley, second at the end of the first round, after a good start goes into a rotation and impacts on the pole with skiing and arm. The descent previous, Viktoria Rebensburg, third after a great first round, went out, almost giving up, perhaps to the difficulties associated with very poor visibility.
Also the two Americans Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso went out. The winner of the World Cup, after playing a first round opaque, seemed determined to redeem himself, but the impact of a hand on the pole made her rotate, with no possibility of return in the race. Julia Mancuso instead, after starting aggressively in the first round,loses a ski, possibly for an impact between the two skis that led the attack to open.


What to say about this first race? It was an interesting race, which allowed the athletes to compete with the gearbox with new materials, in addition to weather conditions are not ideal, and it was nice to finally open the gate and get in touch with the wonderful world of the White Circus.




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